LibDems are ‘best choice for Gib’, Gibraltarian candidate says

A Gibraltarian student contesting the European elections with the Liberal Democrats has urged the local electorate to back the party in the forthcoming elections, insisting it is in the best interests of Gibraltar.

Speaking at the launch of the Liberal Democrat campaign for the South West and Gibraltar Region in Bristol Luke Stagnetto said the Liberal Democrats have a clear-cut official policy to stop Brexit, to remain in the European Union and for a referendum on the subject.

“This would be in the best interests of Gibraltar and the United Kingdom,” Mr Stagnetto said.

According to a statement issued by Liberal Democrats, Gibraltar Mr Stagnetto’s presence in the Liberal Democrat list attracted considerable media interest during the launch.

Additionally, he said that his very presence is a testament to the determination of the Liberal Democrats to defend Gibraltar’s best interests and illustrative of their longstanding commitment to Gibraltar.

There are no other Gibraltarians standing in the European elections.

“It is imperative that young people should stand up and be counted. We, as a generation, voted overwhelmingly to remain in the EU. I stand here today, the youngest candidate at the upcoming election, as proof of the belief and commitment that the Lib Dems have in young people,” Mr Stagnetto said in his introductory address.

He emphasized the point that a vote for the Liberal Democrats was a vote for him and “a vote to deliver for the Gibraltarian people.”

Mr Stagnetto will continue in the South West and return to Gibraltar next week in order to campaign here.